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Article Talk: What Are Your Thoughts on 'Pinktober'?
October 28, 2019
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1991,then nobody was paying attention to it, then a group of women with Fran Visco founded National Breast cancer Coalition, we decide to take into our hands our fate. Each State named a representative, we work hard we delivered thousands of signatures to Washington DC,we lobbied, we were agressive ,there was the opinion to create a symbol,it was or purple or pink. We chose the last one. Many of the activists and advocates that stated NBCC died, but their memory and work continued, we had laws passed like reconstruction, work protection, certificate for tech that do mamograns, second opinions,clinical trials. We get money that is managed by the Defense department for research, programs. Look into our website. In 1991 actresses and others ...

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