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After the War on Cancer
November 23, 2015
I also disagree with the warfare imagery connected to cancer. Perhaps it is more like the "unwelcome guest" you speak of, Toria, the same way I consider the presence of spiders or mice in my home. Not as dramatic as a bomb, but still annoying and stressful. Once detected, you have to rearrange your life in order to address the problem. You might be able to remove the evidence of a past presence but can't completely guard against a reappearance. You lay down the poison to discourage residence, but there's no guarantee. Plus there are the treatment side effects to deal with - the stench and toxicity of bug spray, webs to remove, or that little tray of pellets ...

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Chemo Brain: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Commentary
October 05, 2015
There was an excellent editorial about chemo brain in the Peoria Journal Star (Peoria, IL) more than 5 years ago. A young mother found herself pouring ketchup on her kids' cereal! Like you, I'm not sure how much is chemo reaction and how much is age. Since I'm on treatment for the second time around it makes a convenient excuse whenever I get confused or misremember something! In my case, a deal of the brain effect is from sleep deprivation, a good deal of which is contributed by medication side effects I think. Researchers will catch up with us eventually. I think part of the delay is because chemo brain shows just how little we know about how the brain

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