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After effects of breast cancer treatment
May 17, 2020
After-effects of breast cancer treatment Breast cancer is the most common cancer which is diagnosed in the Indian Women living in urban areas. While the women living in rural areas are also likely affected by the disease and it is found that breast cancer is the second most common disease in Indian women from rural areas. Although there are lower cases of Breast cancer but the numbers are rising rapidly. Mastectomy is a surgical procedure in which the whole of the breast or both are removed. It is the most primitive form of surgery, which was introduced as a treatment for breast cancer. But as time has progressed, so has been the case with the medical technologies. Now we have advanced techniques to cure breast cancer. It almost takes two to three hours for the ...

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Article Talk: Opdivo-Yervoy Combination Continues to Show Superior Long-Term Outcomes in Renal Cell Carcinoma
May 12, 2020
Lower Cancer Risk? Keep Exercising! Falling prey to the cancer or going through cancer treatment can undeniably be traumatizing. Making it small yet effective lifestyle changes can help considerably lower the risk of cancer. A recent study conducted by the American Cancer Society suggests that half of the total cancer deaths can be avoidable by regular exercising and practising a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is the chief component of fighting cancer. Exercise can help terminate the onset of various types of diseases, along with enhancing your blood pressure and refreshing your mood. Several studies suggest that regular exercise and physical activity can help lower the risk of cancers such as colon cancer and breast cancer. Yale researchers suggest that women who exercise for about 15 minutes in a week can avoid falling prey to endometrial cancer up to ...

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