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Women Experience Long-Term Neuropathy After Chemotherapy, Leading to Falls
January 19, 2016
After treatments in 2001 I did notice some loss of feeling in my feet and fingers. But I was able to handle it. But 5 years ago I had Bi-Lateral Knee replacement and then complications with one leg requiring a total of 5 Surgeries. Even now I can't walk as well as I would like and have blamed it on the Knee surgery. But in the past few months I realized it's not the knees that are giving me a problem. The problem seems to be in not know where my feet are or what they are touching. I do better barefooted but shoes drive me crazy. I feel like I am waling on hard wood platforms, no ...

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Medical Illustration: Treatments for NHL
October 13, 2015
I have had three different kinds of treatment for NHL. Sure did not like the old way, sick some, lost some hair, etc. Then I was on Rituxan. That was nice no sickness nothing else really. And I was in remission for almost 7 years, even felt I might have it licked. But no it wasn't to be. Now I was presented with a new trial and it's even better. It is take by capsules and so far no side effects to really speak of. With the Rituxan you had to have infusions, and for me that meant more time off from work. If I hadn't this chance I am sure I would have used one of

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