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Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer: My Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
October 16, 2015
At 53 I had mammogram had a lump. Needle biopsy came back negative. But 9 months later found out it was cancer and very active stage 2 and was in 2 limpnodes. After chemo and radiation I was cancer free. April 2013 tumor #s were up. I was told to come back in six months. Well they were higher. I also had RA. Bone scan chest ex rays CT scans trip to Mayo clinic Broke bones. Blood transfusion more ct'so Bone scan and finally pet scan. None showed anything. Finally a ct scan looked ?.so bone biopsy 2 yrs shows bone cancer. Of course stage 4. Aggression slow ..Dr could not believe I was doing so well. He started me 3 weeks ago on Ibrance ...

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