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Article Talk: Failing To Cope With Cancer Survivorship
September 17, 2016
You are certainly not alone. I second guess everything. From my diagnosis (5 years next month) I have worried about whether I made the right decision of lumpectomy vs mastectomy, and should I have had chemo. My oncologist said she did not recommend it even though my Oncotype was in between the 2 levels. I still wonder if I made a mistake and should I have had it. (She actually did not offer it as a choice it was her recommendation that I not have it) I never had a blood test afterward, I never had another MRI even though my cancer never showed up on the mammogram- at least 5-6 radiologists looked at the films. Finally after 4 years I changed oncologists and he ...

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Safety Net Gone: A Breast Cancer Survivor Stops Anastrazole
February 07, 2016
My 5 years ends in October 2016 and I am really worried about stopping the AI -aromasin. My former oncologist basically said- "That's it" that's the guideline. I switched Drs and the new one mentioned maybe taking it for a few more years. As much as I hate the concerns about bone density, etc, I would like to take it for the rest of my life because it gives me a sense a security and comfort. I am 65 years old and now have osteopenia, which I guess is not unusual for my age. I do have significant pain in my joints but I can live with it if it keeps me from a recurrence. I worry that I took antioxidants thru a lot of ...

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