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Tired, Tired of Being Tired, but not Quitting
November 16, 2015
For my Bladder C***** (I refuse to say the C word) Get a Vitamix for one and start eating as much raw fruits and vegetables- Blueberries are high in Resvertol along with other dark fruits. Yes, it's has allot of natural sugar but God made it that way. Stay away from red meat and pork- up your good proteins- Organic chicken and good fish- eat nuts like raw almonds and others. Stay away from processed foods and bad fat. Alkalize the body- water not all created = 7.5 or higher in PH look up your favorite brand and find out- add a ting bit of bicarbonate of soda to acidic water. Acidic body is a welcomed habitat for cancer. Eat things that are anti-inflammatory ...

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