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Giving Back to Help & Heal
April 12, 2015
Hi Debbie, Being almost two years now since my diagnosis and mastectomy/lymph removal I began to consider what I wish I had had when I started this journey. One day while at my support group a woman brought in a pattern, shaped like a heart, from the Heart Pillow Project. It is a pillow, shaped like a heart, that mastectomy/lumpectomy patients can put under their arm to ease the pain from the surgery. The indentation in the heart slides up under your arm for a very comfortable fit. How I wished I had had one of these during my surgeries. So I took the pattern home, found some pretty fabric, and gave it a whirl. Having sewn as a child I was a bit rusty but ...

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Working Through Cancer Anger
April 01, 2015
After being diagnosed with stage 2B Invasive Lobular Carcinoma in April 2013 I had a double mastectomy, reconstruction and chemo. It wasn't until about 12 months later that I found myself deeply entrenched in anger. About that time I received a message from my family doctor's office telling me that I was "way overdue" for my routine mammogram. That opened the floodgate of anger for me and I promptly called their office and proceeded to yell at anyone and everyone who talked to me about their stupidity and insensitiveness to call me with such a reminder. I clearly remember screaming at the office manager that I didn't need a mammogram because I no longer had breasts. After hanging up I then had a total crying meltdown ...

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