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Article Talk: Please Stop Calling it Hospice When I'm Very Much Alive
March 16, 2019
As a woman with metastatic breast cancer, I did not find this article all that helpful. No where was there information on what type of supportive care is considered palliative care. All it said is that palliative care is improving the quality of life. Do you give us drugs the doctor can't? Do you send us to a counselor who tries to help us accept the unacceptable? Do you give us a phone number to call if we are feeling down? If most patients and their families don't know about palliative care, then an article that doesn't tell them what it is other than it will provide supportive care useful?

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Second Hand Smoke article
March 13, 2019
I have metastatic breast cancer and I detest second hand smoke. That said, Ms Mitchell's article is not useful. It comes across as over reactive. I rarely come in contact with second hand smoke and when I do, I avoid it. Life is too short to spend my energies on lecturing others. I am grateful that very few places allow smoking. Shaming others is not worth my time.

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