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Women Experience Long-Term Neuropathy After Chemotherapy, Leading to Falls
January 15, 2016
CIPN is a significant annoyance. I too can't seem to walk in a straight line. I do an hour of yoga every week, and after a year and a half, balancing on one foot is just about impossible. My oncologist has the nurse ask me questions when I go in for my check ups, but no remedies are suggested. It's been three and a half years since I completed by chemo for breast cancer, but the CIPN lingers on.

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December 16, 2015
Amanda-About worry over the return of cancer. I've had breast cancer twice. I'm three years out from the big C round two. I sacrificed a lot to live- radiation, chemo, and a host of side effects. Worry takes away from the quality of life for which I sacrificed so much. I remind myself of this when I notice I'm not sleeping well because I'm mentally playing and replaying scenes where I am diagnosed with cancer yet again. I just had a lump removed from my back and it was scary to think I might have to stand up to cancer again. Fortunately the tumor was benign. I remind myself that cancer does not hang over my head, it is ...

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