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January 01, 1970

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If, Not When
May 07, 2015
I am going on 4 1/2 years clean now from squamus cell carcinoma in my tonsils and I do not look at everyday as, am I clean or is there something lurking in me again it is hard but also it is refreshing in my thoughts to know that a new day has arrived and I am here to deal with what has been giving to me. I have panic attacks but my attacks have been that I am alone without my loving husband I lost 9 years ago to cancer - I will not be on this earth one day because something will eventually end my days here, but to make something out of what I have gone through to be positive ...

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HPV-Related Cancers Rising
April 09, 2015
This is such a scary disease because you do not know who you get it from you can have hpv for a long time usually you can get rid of it but if you don't then it creates the cancer, I know i have it - I could not believe it when the doctor told me it was hpv and one of the highest numbers in the hpv scale I think it was 16, I ended up in surgery and with 30 treatments of radiation. I was married for over 24 years before I lost my husband to cancer and no extra marital affairs, I did have partners before getting married not alot by any means and then after his death i have dated ...

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