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Article Talk: Study Shows Heavy Time Burden for Caregivers of Patients With Brain Cancer
October 28, 2016
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I think that the grim prognosis adds to this burden because along with everything else, that sense of grief and doom lingers in the near background more than for many other cancers. And the brain is the seat of personality so the loss of person, as we see in dementias, can occur. Other neurological deficits may be much like stroke or other degenerative disorders (Parkinson's, ALS) but GBM is always described first as "usually fatal" and that tends to cause one to stop in their tracks. The greatest help to caregivers will be development of treatment options that provide progression free years and cure. I wonder if there is a breakdown of caregivers by

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Article Talk: End Brain Cancer: Making Life-Saving Connections
October 08, 2016
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