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Article Talk: A Breast Cancer Conversation With My Granddaughter
December 06, 2017
My Granddaughter was about that age when we started discussing breast cancer in more detail. Sad part is she knew lots about Lymphedema as she was only 3 when mine started. And since Granpa was her babysitter and my chauffeur she went to all my appointments in the beginning. She knows the technic and could do bandaging correctly but doesn't get the weight it should be. When she was in beginning of High School she wrote an English paper about me and breast cancer. She's my trooper.

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Article Talk: Do Genes and Gender Play a Role in Chemotherapy-Related Fatigue?
October 22, 2017
I hope members of the opposite sex do comment on this article. I am very glad to see the article as fatigue is a serious problem for me. Is this just a female thing or does it affect males also. The 1st side effect listed for the med I am on (Ibrance) is fatigue. However the 2nd side effect listed is low red & white blood counts. For me I would have to say I believe my genes add to my fatigue. I was always sick as a child. Rheumatic Fever, lots of sore throats, eczema that would not heal causing blood poison to set in. But raised 5 children, worked full time, and have dealt with breast cancer and Mets for 25

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Article Talk: Would Recent Advancements Make You Revisit Cancer?
October 06, 2017
As a 25 year breast cancer survivor there is nothing I would revisit excep I would have had a doule mastectomy at the time of the initial surgery. I did 12 years later have a profilactic mastectomy of the remaing breast. I am here 25 years later because God had things for me to do. My mantra is "every time I needed a change of medication the FDA would have just approved the medication that I needed".

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Article Talk: Surviving Cancer Survivorship
September 03, 2017
Still in treatment after almost 25 years. Seems like when I would need a different drug the FAD would have just approved a new one. My 25 survary will be in January 2018 and about a year ago I started thinking about some way to celebrate. But over the last 3 to 4 months my thinking has taken a direct opposite turn. January 2017 my oncologist changed my course of treatment to Ibrance/Faslodex. More SA to struggle with. In my thinking of 25 years all I can think about is that I'm tired. Tired of dealing with all that has gone on in regards to my breast cancer. The biggest problem in looking back is all the "happy little surprises". Yes that is what I

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Article Talk: Mapping Out the Care Team in Cancer Survivorship
September 02, 2017
A perfect timing subject. The right hand (oncologist) does not know what th he left hand (pc) knows and visaversa. I sure could use some help solving this problem. The oncolgy office has a computer system that tracks you from the time you check in until you have been to each treatment area necessary for that visit. All in-house. The pc office is part of a major database system covering at least 12 hospitals, numerous General healthcare facilities and who knows how many physicians. Yet never the twain shall meet. (Onc & PC)

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Article Talk: Cancer, Redefined: Survivor
December 14, 2017
The stages we go thru as you described them hit the nail right on the head. When first diagnosed I spent the first couple of years focusing on me. Then as time went on I (I very proudly can say I facilitated the start up of 2 support groups, assisted with one already in progress and met with a group of church members wanting to start a group. I ended up sband them in view of their concept of a support group.I attended several conf e fences over time reinforce that I was on the right road with oblo. I was motivated to do the work of the groups as I had been involved with a wonderful group shortly after my diagnosis and surgery. 7 ...

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