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Adding Chemo to Radiotherapy Improves Outcomes for Older Adults With Glioblastoma
June 21, 2016
I live in the Uk and was diagnosed quickly in March with a grade IV glioblastoma. I ad what appears to be the best combination for older patients, good resection , said to be 95% , of the tumour, 6 weeks of radiotherapy and Temodar and just finished that. Discussion with my Consultant, after reading about methylated/ unmethylated led me to find out which I am in, although not previously discussed with me. I am in the good side but was told I only have 25% methylated and my oncologist would have hoped for me, with best results of 50% upwards. In all the discussion from here and ASCO I thought you either were or not methylated, with no mention of percentages within that. Can

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