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Article Talk: Let's Make Cancer Less Lonely
August 17, 2016
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What a great article full of great ideas! Since my diagnoses 5 months ago, I have experienced everything the author writes about and more. I'm from a small town where there is little resources. My doctors are a 2 hour drive away! The only real contact and true support I have gotten (except from my husband) is from acquaintances who had also been through bouts of cancer. They have kept me going through this emotional roller coaster.

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Surprise! Cancer Treatment Causes Difficult Emotions
July 16, 2016
I had surgery 4 months ago for colon cancer. I was lucky that it hadn't spread, I don't need a "bag" and 2 oncologists decided I didn't eyed chemo. Even so, I am an emotional mess. I am sure I have PTSD as I have almost every symptom. None of the doctors I see regularly seem to care about my emotional state. I am doing everything I can think of to heal and also attempt to keep cancer away. I eat super healthy, do cardio 7 days a week, have lost weight, am constantly reading inspirational and self-help books, pray all the time, get Reiki, and have signed up for a meditation class. I've also called to make an appointment with ...

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