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Article Talk: The Invisible Foe: How PTSD Affects Women With Breast Cancer
August 19, 2016
Interesting article. Having had a long discussion with my pharmacist regarding the 3 different drugs I've tried, she explained that everyone of them would cause the unexpected cyring. She hears this a lot from her BC patients. After reading this article and have read that you arent taking any aromotose drugs, perhaps BC patients need to take a serious look at PTSD symptoms. I chose not to have reconstruction after surgery, but truly, not having breasts has been freeing for me. I rarely wear my " bumps" . I've not yet experienced feeling inadequate as a woman. However, I am bothered by noises, large crowds, etc since the chemo, surgery and radiation. There are times when I've unexpectedly become hyper concscience of where I am and look for ...

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