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Article Talk: Can We Say No to Our Oncologists?
April 19, 2018
Not only is it it ok to say no, but it is ok to fire him/her if you are dissatisfied for any reason. I saw and fired 4 oncologists before finding my current oncologist. After a couple of treatments i did not respond to, my dr was at a loss. I suggested seeing a second oncologist for my second diagnosis. This seems to be working! Great drs do not necessarily agree with everything a patient suggests or wants. Neither do they know everything. Being a great Dr is about good bedside manner and being a good listener, and being open and responsive to the patients needs.

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Article Talk: Am I a Cancer Survivor?
September 06, 2016
I read an article once about victim, survivor, or warrior. I also do not like the term 'survivor' because I get the feeling of "just barely" surviving. I prefer the term 'warrior' because it i feel it emphasizes an active part in the struggle for health and wellness.

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