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Husband having difficulty
January 03, 2017
As a breast cancer survivor and dealing with all that you listed above that your wife has and is going through, you BOTH need to seek counseling. My husband had a difficult time as well and turned to internet pictures as a weakness. I was utterly devastated when I found out he was doing this one year ago. I am still dealing with the hurt every day of my life but have chosen to NOT leave him because he is VERY remorseful for what he has done. He has actually become a better husband so I see this storm has brought us a better marriage. We are also very faithful people. I urge you to please please ask your wife to go to counseling and

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Sexual Intimacy and the Male Response After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
September 08, 2016
Bonnie, your blog was what I needed to read! I've searched as well on the topic of men & internet porn during a wife's breast cancer & came up empty handed. My husband of 23 years NEVER took an interest in such things nor did he ever think of looking, he even said it was disgusting!! he was my "perfect man" until that dreaded day I found out he was looking at nudes on his phone. My bilateral was June 2015, reconstruction October & found out about his betrayal Dec 20. Talk about hitting a girl when she's down!!! His looking took place a little over a months time, thank God it wasn't longer because I am having a difficult enough time as it is. ...

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