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Article Talk: Medicare Enrollees With Cancer Have High Out-of-Pocket Costs - a Hogwash
January 06, 2017
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The numbers do not pass smell test OR require more detail explanation. Unless there is a limit to cash out of pocket for Medicare receipients - the study appears to be totally fake. Why? Just calculate an example. Majority of people do have social security and not much more. The retirement health plans and pensions were effectivly eliminated by Reagan and republicans. Thus ss check which maxes out at about $2,700, but can be as low as $650, is the only means of "income". First year cancer treatment of e.g. multiple myeloma exceeds $250,000. The 20% of that is $50,000 - which is expected to be paid by the Medicare recipient who has income of max. $32,400? How did the research ...

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