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Article Talk: Quitting Smoking Is Possible and Reduces Cancer Risk
January 10, 2017
Shame Shame Shame! My wife is a never smoker Asian female born and raised in California that currently has inoperable incurable stage IV lung cancer with mets to the bones, liver, lymphs, brain and liver, at age 56. Everyone asks did you smoke? The stigma is real, and the low research funding per LC death reflects that STIGMA. 60% of East Asian women who get lung cancer get it because of an EGFR mutation, not because of smoking or second hand smoke or radon. To blame these people for the disease is inexcusable for your magazine that is supposed to offer hope. According to one study, 20-60% of the lung cancer patients globally are EGFR mutants. 1.8 million globally get lung cancer and more ...

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