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Article Talk: Cancer-Related Fatigue: Myth or Reality?
January 11, 2017
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Thank you posting this article. You described how I feel exactly. Before cancer I was very active and fit and full of energy. I now struggle every day. I thought a lot of what I was feeling was due to being on Tamoxifen. I started out on Letrozol but had to stop due to bone pain. I literally woke up one morning and felt like an old lady. I am curious to hear from anyone else taking those drugs. Are you having as many side effects as I am?

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Alternative Treatment Options: What's Worked for Me
January 13, 2017
Hello, congratulations on making your difficult decision. I am not quite there yet. I too am experiencing horrible side effects, first from Letrozol and now from Tamoxifen. It is a frustrating place to be. Please let us know how you make out on your journey.

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