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January 01, 1970

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Sleep Better Longer
September 22, 2015
Anyone have any tips to promote/prolong sleep? I have had insomnia since well before my cancer diagnosis. Don't want to take Ambien. Melatonin didn't work for me.

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The Cancer-Life Balance: Or To Wear Cute Shoes Or Not Wear Cute Shoes
April 11, 2015
Keep wearing the cute shoes! Just be careful of those ramps. They're hard to navigate with sensible shoes. I love shoes. When I look good, I feel good. No one wants to go out looking like a "cancer patient". So many people have told me how good I looked after I started treatments that I began to think I must not have looked so good before I got cancer. Go figure! I know they mean that I don't look like someone going through treatment. And when I look in the mirror, I don't want to look like that either. So we dress up, use the makeup, wig, etc. and go out with a smile on our

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