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Article Talk: Chemo Fog Is Real and Scary
October 14, 2017
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jane you are right on! I certainly understand chemo brain. I actually had many sessions with a psychologist whose specialty was chemo brain. He offered me many tips on how to remember things. I joke about it because the truth is I can't remember any of those tips! I'm 68 and my cancer has recurred three times since my diagnosis in 2005 (indolent NHL), so I've had plenty of chemo, and radiation. I always considered myself a "word" person, as opposed to a "number" person, and people would come to me to edit their correspondence, articles, etc. , and I helped edit a law journal. I could spell just about any word just ...

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More Than Chemo Brain: Several Factors Contribute to Cognitive Decline After Cancer
January 24, 2016
So glad to see this article and discussion. I was diagnosed in 2005 with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Had the typical Chop, radiation. It came back in 2008', then it was Chop with Rituxan. Came back yet again in 2013, chemo with Trianda(?) and Rituxan. I've had issues since day one. Initially, panic attacks that kept me in the fetal position in bed for three weeks, and at night I had to walk the floor, counting backwards from 200 repeatedly until the attacks went away. My cancer is indolent, so no cure, and the typical regiment is watch and wait--it makes me crazy. I saw a doctor for months whose specialty was chemo brain, he had wonderful advice, but ...

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