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Article Talk: The American Lung Association Seeks to End Stigma
August 12, 2017
Really? Then why would ALA/Lung Force use World Lung Cancer Day ( a day dedicated to SUPPORTING the People affected by this disease)to release a video in the middle of NYC? A video displayed across a building,of a woman climbing a MOUNTAIN of CIGARETTES? A campaign to save SMOKERS and formers SMOKERS by the Scan, while burying anyone already suffering lung cancer with STIGMA? There was not a word of support or acknowledgement for the people they profess to represent.This article is an obvious attempt to counter the outrage that this organization has received from the lung cancer community. Their unethical and underhanded strategies never end.ALA/Lung Force is interested in ONE thing...promoting Public Health Policy (i.e. Tobacco Control, Anti-Smoking campaigns, Quit Smoking programs) and they ...

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