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Article Talk: Cure for Cancer in One Year?
February 06, 2019
It would be earthshakingly wonderful news. Big Pharma has plenty of other business opportunities and will not miss cancer anymore than the rest of us.href='https://www.curetoday.com/community/bonnie-annis/2019/02/cure-for-cancer-in-one-year?eKey' target='_blank'>View Original Post

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Article Talk: Loneliness, Social Constraints May Increase Cancer Symptom Burden
January 26, 2019
Having a "different" appearance can lead to isolation.

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Article Talk: Chemo, Septic Systems and Superfund Sites
September 05, 2018
When my husband started chemo, no one told me that I needed to be careful when using the same toilet. Saw an article about it and asked and they said to use our "other" toilet. We only have one bathroom, which seemed to shock them. Was then told what I should do before and after using the same toilet.

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Article Talk: Oncology Organizations Comment on President Trump's Travel Ban
February 07, 2017
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Do these illegal immigrants appear to be researchers who will cure cancer? How can these two issues be thrown together by any rational individual? This worries me. Is this the thought process of those upon whom we hope to help us through the most difficult time of our lives?

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