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Article Talk: Breast Cancer Survivor Sees Red Over Pink
October 09, 2017
Barbara, Thank you for emphasizing all survivors of any cancer. After four years of active treatment for NSCLC with mets to the brain and one adrenal gland and two years of NED, long-term and late side effects still dominate my life. God bless you!

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Article Talk: Why We Get Cancer
August 12, 2017
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Thank you, Kathy, for saying what many of us think. Those who have been discriminated against because of their cancer deserve better. I know smokers in my family who have lived into their 80's. I know breast cancer patients who were among the most healthy people I know. No one deserves to be shamed or made to feel guilty because they have cancer. Everyone with any type of cancer need our love, support and prayers. And again, thank you for telling those blamers to shut up!

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