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Article Talk: Failing To Cope With Cancer Survivorship
September 19, 2016
Wow this article hit it right on. You are not alone. I am a two time cancer survivor once at age 23 with kidney cancer then breast cancer at age 40, I am now almost 47. I have moments that the fear overcomes me so terribly it's crippling. I think the most difficult part is that most of my friends and family can't understand what I am going through so I keep it to myself a lot. I think it's very difficult to find a support group that focuses on survivorship and what that entails. Thank you for these amazing articles, I love them.

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Breaking Up With Fear: Life After a Cancer Diagnosis
February 04, 2016
As a two time cancer survivor (Kidney at 23 and breast at 40)I absolutely love this article. It really gave me something to think about in regards to how to let go, even for a moment. Thank you.

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