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white cell count
April 03, 2017
I have just received 2 treatments out of 4 suggested treatments of chemo for my breast cancer. My doctor performs many blood counts and watches them closely. My H and H is below normal and I know how to raise this. My platelet count and WBC is dropping as well. The doctor is pleased to see this because it tells him that the chemo is doing its job. I am concerned because I want to be healthy and do what I can to balance this out. So far, hardly any side effects. The most persistent is the losing my taste buds. My tongue is always sore and I can't taste much of anything. My question is:

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Article Talk: My Cancer Toolbox
February 26, 2017
I love reading about your journey. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and am currently waiting on the results of genetic testing. My Onc. liked all the info found about my tumor between the core biopsies and the path. report. He had a concern about the size of the tumor, not really gelling with the reports. He said that in the past chemo was usually recommended because of the size but this is not true today. In his words, he wants to know "how angry this cancer is". I should find out this coming Friday. I want to look into what I can do in this fight. I am using essential oils on my breast. ...

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