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Article Talk: More Than the Skin You
March 08, 2017
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Take it from a patient; Mucosal Melanoma (MM, as we patients shorthand it) has a deservedly nasty reputation. It is an occult disease (hidden), and often has spread with distant metastasis before diagnosis. Symptoms vary depending on site; oral versions get missed by dentists who don't "blacklight" their patient's mouths, and viewed as something benign until too late; Nasal/sinus ones, even after they break encapsulation and cause nose bleeds, get seen by GPs/PCPs and mistaken for nasal polyps. Anal/rectal ones get misdiagnosed by GPs/PCPs as bleeding hemorrhoids, internal or external. Vulval/vaginal ones ALSO get misdiagnosed, or worse yet, patients get told to "wait and see" if the peculiarity goes away or not. With MM, waiting ...

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