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Article Talk: New Drugs Offer Hope, Or Do They?
April 27, 2017
Your are right Kathy. Today everyone is talking about and praising PDL1 inhibitors, over 600 comments on BCAN alone on this topic and yet if you read the actual company's literature that are testing and in some cases marketing these drugs the cure rate is 2% to 6% - a long way off from the silver bullet. Now these same companies and researchers are adding second and even third drugs to the trials with in some cases significant side effects. In some cases this is the only alternative for cancer patients, but we are a long way off from a "cure" and may never find one due to the complexity of cancer sells themselves, particularly bladder cancer cells.

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Article Talk: Combination Regimen Benefits Genitourinary Cancers
March 17, 2017
Once again we have a study with a lot of "cats" and "dogs" combined together to reach a conclusion. Also, one again the success rate is in the low 30% range, no different other than BCG other than any other bladder cancer therapy. So the patient is left with trying multiple therapy's to find the one that they fall into the 30%.

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