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The Lymphedema Treatment Act
July 07, 2016
I've found the best pricing to be at Lymphedena Products. You can buy a Lymphedivas sleeve and gauntlet as a set for $126. It ships direct from Lymohedivas. While not as good as insurance covering them (and in sufficient quantity) it does help immensely with the cost. I too was diagnosed as stage 2b. 14 nodes removed. I was informed of the possibility of lymphedema and made it 4 1/2 years before affected.

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On Being a Rebel and Going Against Medical Advice
February 21, 2016
I'm on the third of these drugs (anastrozole) after being totally miserable from the side effects of the previous two. I still hate this one: 4th year of hot flashes, 4th year of aches & pains, and especially 4th year of the drug killing a sex drive. Sorry if anyone is offended by that but it is true. I tried to get my onc to give me a 6 month break - the best I could negotiate was 2 months. I don't think 2 months was enough for my body to figure out a life drug-free but I was glad for the break. With all the talk of taking these for 10 years, like Bonnie, I'm going to rebel. One more year and I quit.

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