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Article Talk: Turning Pain Into Purpose With GI Cancer
April 07, 2017
Thank you for this. My 18 year-old son, who is currently a survivor of gastric adenocarcinoma, has really been struggling with the flood of emotions coming as a result of all the unknowns. He never had someone talk to him about survivorship or long-term planning. Heck, we realized the other day that he doesn't even have a regular GI doctor! I look forward to seeing what the alliance comes up with!

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March 05, 2016
Thank you for the article about the unique struggles of an adolescent with cancer. My 17 year-old son was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer at a pediatric hospital. We quickly learned that his cancer is not a kid cancer, even though he's still considered a kid, and we were thrust into the "adult" side of medical oncology. He may be on the verge of becoming a man by legal terms, but I have seen the frightened child in him sometimes need the softer, gentler side of care that the pedi hospital provided. I am excited to learn that they will soon be bringing a special adolescent cancer unit to one of our local hospitals. This is sorely needed for young adults....who really aren't quite adults

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