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Chemobrain? Get Out the Pen and Paper
August 02, 2016
While undergoing treatment for cancer, many of us experience the irritating problem of memory trouble, which hampers recalling words, names and phrases that were once commonly known to us. I have also had trouble remembering specifics in my life, such as following through with a thought or an idea. This is what I call an overall problem with functionality. Hence, the much-used, catch-all explanation: chemobrain.

My side effects have ranged from poor concentration, to short-term memory deficits, as well as an inability to recall familiar concepts and speak in a flowing manner depending on the medication I was given. In other words, a problem remembering, speaking and coming up with the correct word or concept at the right time. Altogether aggravating.

In addition ...

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Long-Term Ovarian Cancer Survival Higher Than Thought
September 21, 2016
New, effective treatments and clinical trials coming out all the time. I'm at seven years, and know women who have done longer times. Keep the Faith, Keep the Hope and thanks to all the researchers and oncologists for their marvelous inroads.

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Chemobrain? Get Out the Pen and Paper
July 18, 2016
There is stress with cancer, and the treatments are tough to take. Along with the surgery, anesthesia etc. it's a lot to go through. I've had (4) different types of chemotherapy and I know it's impacted my brain - it's most likely rustled through every cell in my body. It's kept me alive. When I have trouble remembering: Making notes is one way to help. Keeping lists is another. Joining a support group & sharing info with others who have gone through it, talking to a therapist is also beneficial; just to know I'm not alone in this. And, I'm getting older. I'm pretty sure that's had an impact too. Stephanie Hammonds

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After Breast Cancer, Looking Normal Isn't Always Feeling Normal
June 28, 2016
I usually say something like "doing the best I can", or "I've been better, I've been worse" because unless this is someone who has been through what I have, they most likely don't understand what it feels like to be in my shoes, and no sense saying something upsetting to both of I just keep it light, and move on. I do spend time trying to "fix myself up" so if I hear I look good, that's ok. When you've been through so much treatment & surgery it's really hard to feel you're the same person you were, but I feel like I try to do the best with what I have right now. We all pretty much change when we get older, and this ...

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