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Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer: My Semi-Charmed Kind of Life
September 01, 2015
Carrie - my life was quite charmed until 46, but it has tried to make up for that in the past 11. I am a stage 2 survivor of 10 years. While I haven't had to deal with cancer recurrence, I have dealt with disabling foot problems, two tornados, and a back surgery in the 10 years since my cancer. I was very angry when I had the foot issues so soon after my cancer, but finally realized that life isn't guaranteed to go the way we want it to. I just look forward to something good in each day, and know that among the sunsets and flowers - there might be something bad (like a tornado! but that became

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Tiptoes and Cancerversaries
July 31, 2015
While I do always celebrate the anniversary of my BC diagnosis (now a bit over 10 yrs!), I Never say never or cure - it just feels like tempting fate somehow to make such audacious claims. The voice in the back of my mind tells me I just might pay for bragging with a recurrence. I do have faith in the good medical treatment I got, and know that it is more likely for me to stay disease free than have a recurrence. I don't live in fear, but for me - its a superstition I'm likely to adhere to.

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