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Article Talk: Supplement Showdown: A Look at Vitamins and the Fight Against Cancer
May 13, 2017
The Institute of Medicine report was issued at the beginning of 2011, which is over six years ago, not today as Dr. Lichtenfeld states. And there have been three clinical trials reported reduced incidence of cancer for those taking vitamin D + calcium. In the Women's Health Initiative for the 15,646 women (43%) who were not taking personal calcium or vitamin D supplements at randomization, CaD (1 g Ca/400 IU vitamin D daily) significantly decreased the risk of total, breast, and invasive breast cancers by 14-20% and nonsignificantly reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by 17%. In women taking personal calcium or vitamin D supplements, CaD did not alter cancer risk (HR: 1.06-1.26). [Bolland, 2011]. The most recent clinical trial found a marginally insignificant reduced risk ...

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