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Cancer as Rebirth
June 15, 2015
Blessings Tori! Thanks for sharing and keep on living! Your words are so true. My husband is living fully with pancreatic cancer 3+ years after his diagnosis. While we wouldn't have wished this journey for us we have been so blessed and so changed for the better. God bless you and all cancer thrivers!! Joyce

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If, Not When
May 07, 2015
Such a great perspective Susan...my husband's previous oncologist told us when his cancer recurred that he would either be bed-ridden or dead in six months. That was 21 months ago. Not only is my husband still alive and not bed-ridden, he is THRIVING! He has treatment every other week but other than chemo day, he is working full time, lifts weights, plays racquetball, golfs, travels, and lives each day to the fullest! God doesn't read statistics and no doctor should ever be so "realistic" to take away a patient's hope. Our new oncologist is realistic but also encouraging. I pray for every cancer patient to keep hanging on...there are new developments every single day in research and treatment.

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