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Article Talk: Staying Hopeful When the Odds of Surviving Cancer Are Long: A Follow-Up
August 25, 2016
God does not follow "betting lines", "odds charts" and "statistics". Each survivor like myself is an individual case. I am very thankful to have the best oncologist around. He is very positive. On a scale of 1 to 10 he is a 25; that is probably an understatement~! Esophagel Cancer survivor

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Compare notes on treatment received
March 19, 2015
I have received the chemo meds mentioned in this article. Cisplatin, 5FU (via a chemo pump which I carried 24 hrs a day for 7 days at a time), and Xeloda. Additionally I received Epirubicin. Liquid chemo was administered via my Bard Power Port. Besides making the chemo treatments less painful my power port has been a real blessing each time I need an IV for any reason (CAT Scan, Upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, some blood transfusions, and numerous CBC blood tests. Additionally I received 30 doses of radiation. At the time I received the radiation I was carrying my chemo pump. I identified strongly with this because I was hitting the cancer two ways at the same time. It is my belief that my problems with ...

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