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Article Talk: Remission Is Just A Word That Makes Other People Feel BetterArticle Talk: Remission Is Just A Word That Makes Other People Feel Better
September 21, 2017
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\r\nYou rock!! Thanks for your thoughts. I am 12 months \"NED\" and almost 10 months since my last treatment. After 5 years, first a year on Inferon and then a 9 month break my melanoma came back with a furry. It metastasized in a number of organs throughout my body. At this pont it was stage 4 metastatic melanoma. So after 4 treatments on Yarvoy and 36 biweekly treatments on Optivo, I am a \"NED\"! I never let this beast define me or my attitude. Other than only being able to work 3 days a week when on Inferon, I think I missed less work than most of my co-workers. \r\n\r\nA few things I have found about attitude. First, when ...

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Article Talk: Make it a Double: Immunotherapy Combinations for Advanced Melanoma
August 18, 2017
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I was first diagnosed with Melanoma in March of 2012. I went through a year of treatment on inferon. Eight months after that treatment regiment was concluded, I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. It involved several places on my skin, my stomach, may sternum, left leg mussel, just to name a few areas. My first round of treatment was on Yarvoy. this involved 6 treatments every other week. I started this just before the combination of Yarvoy and Optivo was approved. I joked with my Oncologist that this was acting as a fertilizer.... After taking a month off treatments, I started taking Optivo ever other week for a total of 36 treatments. My last treatment was December 2nd 2015. I ...

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