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Chemo Brain: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Commentary
September 29, 2015
Heartfelt Thank you for writing this article. Triple Negative Breast Cancer robbed me of so much! Between 36 years of Migraines. Now Fibro. Head to toe, non stop pain... Chemo Brain from AC/T Chemo. I've been told by someone in my family. You don't have Chemo Brain! Its like I'm lying and making it up!? I can't be believed by a loved one! ? Its Depressing! I also got PBA!!! Not one DR. knew why I had these inappropriate laughter outbursts too! Not only that I had a Stellar gift of a memory. To remember. Time , dates, events every car engine and trany etc.. Names, stats and important Car facts on my favorite Cars. Mopar cars. So much.. Now I can talk ...

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New Requirements for Patients and Survivors Needs
May 17, 2015
That is so important. I confess the Treatments lack of tests, Helpful, needful scripts I couldn't afford was hard on my body. My Triple Negative Breast Cancer treatments left me feeling like I was Tortured and left to die! Having zero income all of these years is so very hard. Having no biological health history made life so much Worse. Other then knowing my mother's parents died when they were young! She Died when she was 46 from Breast Cancer!! I located her before Breast Cancer claimed her young life. I was 19, & pregnant without any family. How I hoped my own mother could for the first time in my life be in my family. It wasn't meant to be! She ...

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