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Article Talk: The Rippling Effects of Cancer in Life
April 13, 2017
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NO ONE who is a caregiver of a cancer (or any other type of) patient "sits idly by." We may be helpless and unable to change the outcome to one we like, but we are NOT idle.

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Article Talk: How To Celebrate Surviving
June 30, 2019
hello! being a fellow cancer survivor, i want to share with you that when i give thanks for the meal i am about to eat, i ask for a blessing that the food will help keep me free from cancer and other disease, no matter what the food in front of me is. as i'm sure you do, i try to eat healthy and nutritious meals; i also believe that occasional treats and indulgences are comforting and uplifting and fun -- therefore a positive and healing experience 😉 -- especially when going through cancer treatment. thank God and modern medicine, i am cancer-free 12 yrs.after my first diagnosis of lung cancer (there was a recurrence six months later), and almost 11 yrs since ...

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