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Article Talk: It's OK to Be Alive: Learning to Deal With Cancer Survivor's Guilt
January 13, 2017
Thank you for this article; I am still suffering through "survivor's guilt" after the loss of 2 younger and more talented friends to cancer. To be honest, I truly thought both friends would survive their ordeals. I knew their struggles would be difficult. But, I just could not face the possibility that they would not win their battles. For some reason, my family and friends kept things from me when I asked about these 2 people. My family seemed to think they were protecting me when they failed to inform me of the really bad days that our friends were going through. Therefore, we hospice was called in for both friends, I was shocked and sickened. And to be ...

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Clinical Trial Seeks to Unravel Mystery of Chemobrain in Breast Cancer
March 19, 2015
I agree! Would love to see something truly helpful when dealing with the chemo fog...when/if life does go on for cancer victims/survivors...society, family members, organizations seem blind to the hidden problems such as chemo brain. Hopefully, oncologists will steer patients toward something more concrete to help survivors deal with this truly devastating problem...some of us have to go back to work and live in the real world with what feels like part of a brain...I don't know how long the fog lingers after chemo ends, but mine is still around after a year. It is scary and embarrassing as well as frustrating when family members and friends don't seem to understand.

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