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Article Talk: Can we Overthink Our Cancer?Article Talk: Can we Overthink Our Cancer?
December 10, 2017
I can speak from experience as well at how destructive thinking too much about cancer. I have CML and was diagnosed four years ago. Even though I have done well in those four years, I have suffered a variety of side effects, including pleural effusion. Many of the side effects have created issues in my head which has resulted in a great increase in anxiety. I also live in a rather dysfunctional house and that has added to the anxiety. In four years I went from having minimal issues to having a doctor wanting to put me on medication for the anxiety. From there I went to getting addicted to taking one medication, successfully got off of it but ...

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Article Talk: Cancer Side Effects That Nobody Discusses
October 21, 2017
Well I have a specialist who isn't big on admitting side effects. Everything is referred to the Primary who does pay attention to side effects. Every specialist, other than cancer, I've seen for issues has targeted the medication used for CML as the cause. Edema, neuropathy, pleural effusion and more. I now have neuropathy in my legs and feet. I had edema in my feet, abdomen and chest until the dosage was dropped. My teeth have been falling apart since I started taking Sprycel. Never had good teeth but even my dentist noticed the rapidity of decay and has been so frustrated trying to save teeth. For me now implants are the only hope. The sprycel ...

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