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Article Talk: With Cancer, Stay Calm, for the Dog's Sake
August 01, 2018
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Seems to me you and your dog are exactly in the riht place. Bless your heartt.

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Article Talk: Life Is a Threatening Disease
May 30, 2018
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great observation of life. And I loved the song on you-tube

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Article Talk: The Art of Enjoying Each Breath
April 07, 2018
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A beautifully written article. I could feel the inner peace she was trying to impart. I, too, enjoy savoring a nice cup of coffee. No wine for me, thanks; but Iget a thrill in savoring the sweet-tartness of lemonade. I have found,all my great doctors, notwithstanding, the most most curative thing in the world is garden dirt under the finger nails and the heft of good pruners in hand. Thank you for your marvelous writing

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Article Talk: My Dirty Little Secret: I Am a Bad Sport and My Mastectomy Still HurtsArticle Talk: My Dirty Little Secret: I Am a Bad Sport and My Mastectomy Still Hurts
May 05, 2018
You certainly deserve to cry and rant. Eighteen days post-procedure is not very long and I wonder why your surgeon has not had a better plan for pain control for your situation. I remember my second-day post-op when the tears and sobbing began. I was not in pain and I did not understand where this tsunami of emotion was coming from. My Oncologist, a brilliant woman, laughed and said< "You are acting just as we expected, we did this to you and we can fix it." And indeed she did! Ativan became my friend for two years as I worked through the physical pain, the chemo side-effects, and the discouragement of having cancer for the second time in my life. Between my sweetheart's gentle embraces ...

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Article Talk: A 'What If' Countdown for Living Flat
February 08, 2018
What a great piece of writing. I love your focus group, albeit cloned and imaginary. I would gladly join you in your efforts. I have not had breast cancer. I am merely a flattie by nature. I lost all the female parts lower down in two surgeries. Then I was assaulted with chemo, radiation and more chemo. Now I live with the side-effects that never go away: chemotherapy-induced neuropathy in both legs. All the drugs to quiet the screaming pain has robbed me of energy and vitality. All my visions of retirement as the energizer bunny have been replaced with a solemn sense of having been robbed of my soul and reason for living. And even worse the drugs have made me fat. I have ...

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Article Talk: Breast Cancer Survivor Sees Red Over Pink
October 29, 2017
I feel the same way about all that pink. My feelings make me feel begrudging and selfish. But hey, I am a lung cancer survivor in 1996 and a uterine cancer survivor in 2014. Uterine cancer has a drab peach color. And I certainly think we need a very special color for the chemotherapy-induced neuropathy that many of us have to live with. I often tell my oncologist that if I knew the neuropathy would be so debilitating I would have taken my chances and skipped the chemo altogether. The doctor looks at me horrified and asks "Do you mean you would rather have passed?" I reply "Do I mean would I have rather died, yes".

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