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Article Talk: Is It My Job to Educate Others About Lymphedema?
December 23, 2017
Yes, it is one more extra job to educate our care providers. You have a vested interest in the subject. Even the experts know very little about lymphedema. I was diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer in 2013, and my surgeon removed 84 of my cancer-free, non-swollen lymph nodes before performing the tumor debulking surgery. She hadn't bothered to describe her procedure, the risk involved, or options for treatment. I knew the term lymphadenectomy must mean that some lymph nodes were to be removed, but I thought she would just be taking a discretionary few near the tumor site. (I didn't know how to spell the word, and didn't look it up, which is something I will regret for the for rest of my ...

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