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New Treatments May Be Worth the Wait in CLL
January 08, 2018
Initial diagnosis was Small B-cell Lymphoma in May 2012. In June I began FCR regiment treatment for 3 days, off 25 and repeated for 4 months then a PET scan. During this 4 month time the Oncologist moved out of state and an interim doctor was treating me. Several months later I started seeing another Oncologist who diagnosed the cancer as CLL, ordered a bone marrow biopsy, PET scan and another round of infusion chemo for 6 months. Lab work continued to indicate low WBC, low RBC, low Neutrophils and high Lymphocytes. Started taking Imbruvica Ibrutinib, an oral chemo drug and continued monthly lab work. In Feb 2017 the oral chemo drug was changed to Zydelig Idelalisib. Through all of this I've experienced bruising and ...

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