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Article Talk: Am I Vain After Cancer? I Will Cry If I Want To
February 12, 2018
I just read the 'am I vain' article and as a almost 15 year breast (occult breast cancer, estrogen negative, stage 3+) and 29 year melanoma cancer survivor, I get it. (NOTE: Occult breast cancer means it disappears from the breast and metastasizes to the lymph nodes, I was HER2Nu and estrogen negative, stage 3+. I either wanted both breasts gone or see if it was possible to keep my breast. Everything about mine was unusual and aggressive so after 3 opinions, I gave in and had a mastectomy but had to wait 3 years for reconstruction. It's okay to be vain and it's okay to feel down as long as you know it's important to love yourself first because you have to ...

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