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Gas pancake oven
September 14, 2018
Characteristic 1, the unique structure of the oil tank, can be used to spill the grease back to the bottom of the pan. 2. Gas cooker is used to heat up and down the gas cooker. It has the advantages of fast heating up, less gas consumption, stable performance, reliable quality, long service life, automatic temperature control, automatic ignition and extinguishing protection. [url=]roots vacuum pump working principle[/url] 3. Gas-fired pancake oven can use liquefied petroleum gas without power supply, manual temperature control, electronic ignition, up and down fire barbecue food, greatly facilitating the user's use of the environment. 4. The heating plate is made by one die casting, with high density, invariable and uniform heat. 5. The shell is made of phenolic resin, which is non-toxic, tasteless, wear-resistant and hygienic. Installation technology (take ...

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Baiji copper censer
August 31, 2018
Baiji gold and copper censer is a cultural relic representing baiji culture. It is a masterpiece made with excellent metal technology and profound artistic foundation. Excavated in 1993 at the temple site in the mountain of fuyu mausoleum, a temple of the baiji royal family, it is speculated that the censer might be an instrument for royal ceremony. The large bronze censer consists of a censer cover, furnace body and base. Phoenix is carved on the top of the incense burner, and five musicians play instruments below. The 74 peaks are engraved with trees, rocks, streams and waterfalls, as well as 42 animals, 6 plants and 12 people, including tigers, deer, elephants and monkeys. A total of 12 holes, the top of the phoenix ...

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