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Alexis Khazzam on How people Change bankatwa
September 07, 2018
Everyone is talking about the impact Millennials are having on the workforce. They are now officially the largest portion of the workforce, leading to changes in the status quo. In that same vein, Millennials are also reinventing the way philanthropy operates. Let's explore how they are doing so. Millennials Like it Kept Simple Millennials understand that philanthropies and charities are doing extremely nuanced work to support a cause. They don't need to be told this, instead, keep it simple. If a charity's goal is to end hunger, Millennials want to hear just that. This is a generation that has grown up with technology and are used to short, concise messaging. Millennials Appreciate a Story As a Millennial, you are constantly bombarded with messaging all day, every day. This leads ...

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