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AftermathArticle Talk: No Donuts, No Job
April 24, 2019
View Original Post I was a single woman. That means I was self-supporting in as an Interior Designer for a major furniture major furniture company. I had a 401k, so yes, I had savings in 2005 when I found the odd lump in my left breast. I rushed immediately to my gyno doc who sent me to a breast cancer oncologist in Los Angeles. I was diagnosed with invasive carcinoma, and scheduled for a mastectomy, but I contracted Gangrene in the hospital and was rushed home. My surgeon order a nurse to check on me daily. The necrotic skin on my chest grew black within a couple days and I was ordered to go back to Cedars' Emergency room. I waited ...

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Article Talk: Cancer 'Survivors': What's in A Word?
June 05, 2019
Reply to "Cancer Survivor, What's in a Word." by Susan Holland MFA University of Memphis. Author. SUZI HOLLAND MEMOIR & ESSAY by a CANCER SURVIVOR BREAST CANCER SURVIVAL

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