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AftermathArticle Talk: No Donuts, No Job
April 24, 2019
View Original Post I was a single woman. That means I was self-supporting in as an Interior Designer for a major furniture major furniture company. I had a 401k, so yes, I had savings in 2005 when I found the odd lump in my left breast. I rushed immediately to my gyno doc who sent me to a breast cancer oncologist in Los Angeles. I was diagnosed with invasive carcinoma, and scheduled for a mastectomy, but I contracted Gangrene in the hospital and was rushed home. My surgeon order a nurse to check on me daily. The necrotic skin on my chest grew black within a couple days and I was ordered to go back to Cedars' Emergency room. I waited ...

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Article Talk: What Are Your Thoughts on 'Pinktober'?
October 29, 2019
PINKTOBER is tough for me. It only brings back the TERROR of having the Mastectomy on OCTOBER 31st...Yes! Halloween! Not only did I have awful complications, gangrene and many repair surgeries, but I lost my beloved job in the process and my home. So I'm not a big fan of Pinktober...I don't see the point in it, just a sorry reminder for me.

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Article Talk: Cancer 'Survivors': What's in A Word?
June 05, 2019
Reply to "Cancer Survivor, What's in a Word." by Susan Holland MFA University of Memphis. Author. SUZI HOLLAND MEMOIR & ESSAY by a CANCER SURVIVOR BREAST CANCER SURVIVAL

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