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Speak Out About Rising Cancer Drug Prices, Group of Oncology Experts Urges
August 11, 2015
I am a 5 year survivor of Non small cell lung cancer. Thanks to some wonderful surgeons at Mayo Clinic they were able to remove my lung and all of the cancer. Today I live with the aftermath of cancer and one of the largest burdens is the financial one. I went to Mayo Clinic after my local hospital gave me little hope. I was fully insured at the time but Mayo Clinic was "Out of Network" for my insurance carrier. From July through October I endured many rounds of chemotherapy and the surgery. In that four month period my share of the bill, after the insurance paid was well over what my household made that year. The financial burden this placed on my ...

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What is the Role of Physical Therapy in Cancer Recovery?
May 28, 2015
As a stage 3b lung cancer survivor I agree that physical therapy is a critical piece to the recovery process. In 2010 I was first diagnosed by an amazing Allergist who was treating me for hives. Turns out hives can be a symptom of lung cancer. If I had never felt fear before in my life I certainly knew what it was now. As any man I had to figure out how to fix this and about the only thing I could do to prepare for the loss of part of this muscle that brought oxygen to my body was to exercise. Some days through the process exercise meant holding the bag open for 30 minutes while my wife picked up leaves. Then off for

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